Passitivo Primitivo, Puglia, Italy.

Grapes 100% Primitivo (aka Zinfandel)   Facts First-things-first, I think the best idea that brands such as Layer Cake, ever did when marketing their own Primitivo was to put “AKA Zinfandel” on the front label. No-one knows what Primitivo is (at least the vast majority of consumers don’t), and as much resistance as I’m sure Italian winemakers have to it, it would behoove them to follow this example! This is the part where I usually…

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Grilled Flank Steak in a Garlic, Balsamic and Red Wine Marinade, Paired with Masseria Pietrosa Salice Salentino.

If you’ve been following these food and wine pairings, you’ll know that I ideally like to keep the recipes as quick and simple as possible. This pairing epitomizes that concept. The wine for this pairing is the Masseria Pietrosa Salice Salentino; yet another European wine which doesn’t do itself any favors with its name or label, so I’ll help explain: Salice Salentino is actually the town in the Southern Apulia region of Italy (the “heel…

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