Charles Shaw

10 Years of Two Buck Chuck, and Fred Franzia’s Opinion on Wine Snobs.

2012 year marks the 10th anniversary of Charles Shaw, better known as 2-Buck Chuck, which made its debut in a Trader Joe’s store 2002. According to Fred Franzia (NB: he’s the multi-millionaire, standing in a vineyard, wearing the unironed trousers in the photo on the left), the $2 bottling has made your “average wine snob” think twice. “We have won the battle with snobs and other elites who didn’t believe we could provide excellent wines at…

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The World’s First Ever Interactive Wine Tasting – Chardonnay’s Under $4

This video uses You Tube’s annotation feature, giving the viewer a more interactive experience, kind of like those choose your own adventure books you maybe read when you were a kid. Also don’t worry, even though the video looks like it’s 14 minutes long, it can really be as short or as long as you want it to be! So what better way to start the worlds first ever interactive wine tasting, than for a…

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