The Difference Between Chianti, Chianti Classico and Chianti Riserva

First-off, I don’t know where the above photo was taken, but once I find out I’m booking a plane ticket!!! So last night, I found myself hosting an informal wine class for a discerning group of tasters here in Jacksonville. The theme of the night was Tuscany, and so I decided to put a heavy emphasis on Chianti, as it goes without saying that it’s Italy’s most famous wine (possibly their most famous export). As…

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After-Work Bottle of Damilano Lecinquevigne Barolo 2004

Grape 100% Nebbiolo, pronounced as it reads, neh-bee-oh-low. Nebbiolo is most certainly the king of red wines coming out of the Piedmont region of Italy. It isn’t debatable. It’s a fact. The name Nebbiolo is believed to stem from the Italian word nebbia, meaning fog. Supposedly fog usually sets into the region during grape harvest.   Facts Barolo’s typically aren’t your everyday after-work gluggers, but last night I was feeling fancy! Why wait for a…

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