17 of the “Best” Halloween Wine Accessories.

Why only 17? Well, I’d originally intended to do 30, but then I got just-over halfway through and started losing the will to live (no pun intended).

My reason for this post was that I don’t want people thinking Christmas is the only holiday that can inspire tacky wine-themed accessories. After a little research, I found that this DEFINITELY wasn’t the case.

FYI: I’ll provide links for all these Halloween wine accessories, should you wish to purchase some of this tat, but as they start breaking (which they inevitably will after Halloween is over) I’ll remove them.


Skeleton wine bottle covers: Terrifying….for all the wrong reasons! What’s even scarier is the price: $90 for the pair!Skeleton wine bottle covers


Skull and cross bone wine glasses are appropriate for one day out of every year. The rest of the time they just make you look like a weirdo.

Skull and cross bone wine glasses


Zombie hand wine stoppers: for when you truly want to scare your wine aficionado friends!Zombie hand wine stoppers


I wrote about this last Halloween, but I figured it was worth revisiting!
Yes, just in case you were wondering, this is a real thing! You can actually buy a wine rack that doubles as your coffin!Wine Coffin Halloween

I’m not too sure that “For the glass with class” is the correct slogan for this particular product. It probably should be more along the lines of: “For when your friends show up to party and get so wasted that they forget which glass is theirs!”
Halloween wine charms


Someone call the Fashion Police!!! We have a crime in progress…
Happy Hallowine!
Happy Hallowine!


If you see anyone wearing this t-shirt, you have my permission to slap them, no matter how big they are.
Halloween Wine Guy.
Halloween Wine Guy Shirt



Ok, this one I actually like! Not too sure about “Pinot Grande” as a wine though…and I’m also not too sure about the placement of that tap!
Halloween Wine Box Costume.
Halloween Wine Box Costume


I only featured this Halloween wine bottle stopper as I’m particularly fond of the spelling of “Burgundy.” Now THAT’S terrifying!Halloween wine bottle stopper



Bobbing head wine topper skulls manage to be equal parts tacky and terrifying.Bobbing Head Halloween Wine Skull Stoppers



I don’t even know what the real purpose of this is…or whether “Wine Time to Unwind” even makes sense…
Mummy Wine Holder
Mummy Wine Holder



I could do, and probably will do, a “World’s Stupidest Wine Bottle Holders” post; but until that point, this one will have to suffice.
Witches shoe wine bottle holder.
Halloween Wine Witches Shoe Bottle Holder


Scary wine bottle stopper tentacles! These are actually pretty cool. Would I want them in my own home? No, I have enough wine “gimmicky wine stoppers” that have been gifted to me over the past few years to last a lifetime!Tentacle Wine Halloween Stopper


Looks painful! I couldn’t even tell you witch (geddit!) purpose this serves!
Witch wine bottle cover.
Wine Witch Halloween Bottle


Skelton hand wine glass. I might buy this just so that when I run out of wine glasses (on days other than Halloween), I can use this as a backup for people I don’t particularly care for…or people I’m looking to casually threaten.

Skelton hand wine glass


Thought you’d never find a pair of hand-painted pumpkin head and scary black cat (both wearing bowties) wine glasses!?!? Well here you go!

Halloween Wine Glasses


Don’t call me killjoy, but without wine (or something heavy) in that bottle I can see the whole thing falling-over and burning your house down. Happy Halloween!!!
Halloween wine bottle candelabra.

Halloween wine bottle candelabra.

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