2012 Highest Grossing Wine Brands (Over $20).

The annual “Top 20 Wine Brands” report is always an interesting read, at least if you’re a wine nerd like me! :) Even if wine doesn’t consume your everyday existence,  it’s still worth-while getting acquainted (if you aren’t already) with the movers-and-the-shakers within the top selling wine brands in the U.S.

2012-Highest-Grossing-Wine-Brands- (Over-$20).

Key Points from the Report:

(For some reason I always feel the need to read this list in the style of (now defunct) English TV show “Top of the Pops.” Click here if you have no clue what I’m talking about.)

  • In at #1 is the only non-Californian brand in the top 20 list (over $20): Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, from Italy. In-case you didn’t already realize, Santa Margherita leads the pack by more than double the sales of its closet competitor: Sonoma Cutrer.

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