February, 2015

Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

  Grapes 100% Sauvignon Blanc   Facts Today I realized that this only the 2nd New Zealand white wine I’ve ever reviewed. Why is that, you ask? Wellllll…I think they all taste the same. Not that that’s a terribly bad thing. If you’re looking for a dependable summer-time glugger, I’d definitely put NZ SB in my top 5…but it’s no huge secret that New Zealand has developed a tiny reputation as being a “one trick pony” because of their…

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Merlot vs. Cabernet – What’s The Difference? (And cake pops…for some reason…)

    Merlot vs Cabernet – What’s the Difference? (And cake pops…for some reason…) In this video, my good buddy Joe Talentino and I examine the differences between Merlot and Cabernet wines. Of course they’re the two most popular red wines in America, but many people don’t know what makes each of them different and unique, or why you might prefer one to the other, so Joe and I here to help!  

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