22 Winos Saved from Sinking “Wine-Tasting Boat.”


22 people who were having the time of their lives aboard San Francisco Bay’s only “floating wine tasting room,” had to be rescued this last Friday from after the boat hit hit a spot of bother near Alcatraz Island, officials have stated.

The 45-foot long “Neptune” started taking on water after an impact with an underwater shoal left a 1-foot hole in the side of the boat. The captain attempted to steer it to San Francisco’s Pier 39, the boat started having rudder issues and began to sink about 300 feet from the pier.

Fortunately, the Coast Guard was able to take all 22 occupants of the stricken vessel without any reported injuries. 

Click here for the full article from the Huffington Post.

My Thoughts…

I’ve been to quite a few wine tastings where I wished most of the people around me would just go and drown, but THIS is ridiculous! :)

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