30 Ways to Repurpose a Wine Barrel – Part 2


Wine barrel cufflinks available from Cufflink Depot for the bargain price of $130!Wine-barrel-cuff-links

Looks cool, but also extremely uncomfortable!wine-barrel-hammock

Now that’s clever!wine-barrel-ice-bin

Creepy wine barrel rocking horse.wine-barrel-rocking-horse

Just be careful of splinters! Ouch!naked-man-in-wine-barrel



I would buy this in a heartbeat!wine-barrel-BBQ

I would also buy THIS in a heartbeat!wine-barrel-bed

Illuminate your wine drinking with a wine barrel chandelier!wine-barrel-Chandalier

A wine barrel clock: Perfect for keeping track of how long you’ve been drinking!wine-barrel-Clock

This wine barrel dining room set manages to walk the line between absolute genius and god-awfully tackywine-barrel-dining-room

You’ll have no shortage of friends if you decide to convert a huge wine barrel into a hot-tub! You’ll have even more friends if you fill it with wine beforehand!wine-barrel-hot-tub

You’re guaranteed to piss-off the neighbors with a wine barrel drum-kit!wine-barrel-drums

And last but certainly not least…..a wine barrel hotel!
This actual hotel in Stavoren (Holland) uses 1,000 liter wine barrels as four of the hotel rooms. Each barrel is a decommissioned Beaujolais barrel. Click here for reservations.wine-barrel-hotelwine-barrel-hotel-inside

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