Cannabis Wine Gaining Ground in California.

Cannabis Wine Gaining Ground in California.
It seems that a select few California wineries are secretly producing wines laced with cannabis, according to The Drinks Business, and  Cabernet Sauvignon seems to be the grape variety of choice for the blend.

“Pot wine is increasingly fashionable in wine country – much of the marijuana used for the wine comes from California’s weed capital Humboldt County,” Crane Carter, president of the Napa Valley Marijuana Growers said.

According to Carter, pot wine delivers a faster high than pot brownies, and the combination of alcohol and marijuana produces “an interesting little buzz.”

One Californian producer, who chose not to be named, is just one of a number of winemakers on the Central Coast who are blending two of California’s most prized crops.

To make cannabis wine, one pound of marijuana is dropped into a cask of fermenting wine, which yields around 1.5 grams of pot per bottle; the better the raw materials, the better the wine.

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My Thoughts…

…and just when you thought you’d seen everything!

This seems to have bad idea written all over it, although it would change the “dynamic” of wine tastings……..I just can’t decide if it’d be for the better or worse!
Wineries offering marijuana-laced wines certainly need to consider the implications of having a bunch of drunk stoners in their tasting rooms, but maybe the potential to up-sell them on “munchies” could be quite profitable!


  • April 16, 2012


    This kind of thing wouldn’t be necessary if they would just legalize Marijuana on a federal level. If it were legalized the government would have one more vice to tax.  It could also be sold like alcohol, i.e., you have to be 21 years of age to purchase it and it would still be illegal to drive under the influence.

  • April 16, 2012


    P. S.–Mixing wine with pot has “mother of all hangovers” written all over it!

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