The Great Twitter Wine Exchange–Part 1 of 2: Caparone Sangiovese

I’m going to say we are the first to ever do this through Twitter! One of the people I have been randomly talking to through Twitter is Kevin Widmer, who goes by the obscure Twitter name of @billybuttock. The rules of our wine exchange were simple: you send me a bottle, I’ll send you a bottle. The only stipulation was that the wine had to be under $20 retail. Below is the wine I chose…

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Santa Ema Carmenere Barrel Select

Grape Carménère [Car-men-yehr] Facts Vine clippings of Cabernet and Merlot were taken to South America in the 1800’s, in order to plant new vineyards and avoid the grape vine plague Phylloxera [Fill-lock-seh-rah] which was hitting Europe and almost wiped out their  vineyards. What they didn’t know was that Carménère had accidentally been mixed in amongst the cuttings. It wasn’t until as late as 1994 when a French ampelographer (identifies and classifies grapevines for a living)…

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Layer Cake Virgin Chardonnay 2009

Grapes 100% Chardonnay Facts The Layer Cake Virgin Chardonnay is named for the fact the wine never comes in contact with any oak, all fermentation / aging is done in stainless steel tanks. In winemaker Jayson Woodbridge’s own words: “… I think a lot of wine drinkers are tired of the over-oaked Chardonnays that hide the floral and citrus characteristics and subtle varietal aromatics that a true Chardonnay should have.” The name Layer Cake supposedly…

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