Coffin Doubles as a Wine Rack…or is that Vice-Versa?

The Wine Bottle Coffin. The perfect gift for someone you hate.Holy sh*t balls…they have to be kidding!
Unfortunately it seems as though they are not!

The "Vintner’s Vessel" (as it has been so aptly named) will most certainly appeal to anyone with an affinity for fine wines (and disturbing furniture). This exquisite piece of pine craftsmanship will make itself extremely useful during your lifetime (and after). The moment you kick the bucket, the interior framework can be slid out to be re-assembled as a free-standing wine rack. This will allow your wine collection to be displayed at your wake, permitting your mourners to do as the coffin’s medallion instructs: "Celebrate my life".
Personally I would have mine read “Celebrate my life…but don’t touch the stuff on the top shelf…that’s staying with Coffin Doubles as a Wine Rack…or is that Vice-Versa?me!”

The "Vintner’s Vessel" will house 19 bottles of wine in the lower portion. The upper third of the coffin provides space for your wine glasses. Well haven’t they just thought of everything!!!

For more information on the worlds most depressing piece of wine cabinetry, visit the, and at the same time reminisce about what websites used to look like back in the 90’s…
Oh….the price….I know you want to know the price! This fine wine coffin is yours for only $1,400! I know what I’m asking Santa for, for Christmas!

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  • October 19, 2011


    OMG that is insane! I think I said the first sentence you said in the post too!

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