Controversy as Beverly Hills Wine Festival Honors Whitney Houston.

Controversy Hits Beverly Hills Wine Festival Honoring Whitney HoustonThe Beverly Hills Wine Festival (NB: my invite clearly must have been lost in the mail), which happens to be taking place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (the hotel where Whitney Houston passed away), had planned a tribute to Whitney. The event was scheduled for February 26, and would have featured a cognac and champagne tasting.

It’s worth pointing out that the Houston family had never approved this event. Here’s what’s being said about it:
"It was a tacky, and tasteless tribute to Whitney. A wine festival honoring Whitney at the hotel where she DIED? Members of Whitney’s inner circle conveyed their concerns to Beverly Hilton Hotel management and they were assured the event would be quashed. There was no way the Beverly Hilton would allow this event to take place at the hotel where Whitney had just died.”

The good news is that it has now been canceled, with the hotel citing a scheduling conflict.

Click here for the full article….which is probably the only time I will EVER reference Perez Hilton in one of my posts!

My Thoughts

Hmmmm, seems like it’s in pretty-bad taste. If it was a free event, FINE let them have the event, but the tickets to this shindig start at $150 and go up to $300!

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