Creative Uses for Wine Corks

I received the following email late last week:

“Kris, my co-worker/best friend/BBQ Champion, Matt, has like 4,000 corks and needs some unique ideas about how to use them.  Figured you might have some wisdom in this area.  Let me know if you do!  Thanks!”

Always wanting to be the helpful friend, I figured this is a perfect opportunity to do some research into the crazy things that people do to recycle wine bottle corks!
In case you’d ever want to try a project like this, you’re going to need wine first! Try looking at wine selections or accessories with help from these coupons for


Let’s get the furniture out of the way first!
Is it just me, or does this couch look REALLY COMFORTABLE?!?!


This one…not so much.



This one could fall over at any moment…








I can’t say that the seat on this one looks too conformable. It probably feels like you’re sat on, a bunch of….well…,corks.








This cork table doesn’t exactly look like the most stable structure I’ve ever seen!



For the special lady in your life?



Why not just turn all those corks into a suit?



It would also double as a really fancy life-preserver, should you ever fall into water. cork_costume4


Just ask this guy! He made himself a nice cork jacket!



Of course what suit is complete without a pair of cork pants?

Cork Pants


You could cover your truck with corks.



Or just go more mainstream, and make a pan trivet. Boring!



You could make a really a bunch of tacky Christmas ornaments.



…or you could even cover a whole wall of you house with them…

Cork WallSaimir Strati Art Nails Toothpics Corks03


For the nerdy wine lover, a cork USB!



Cork wreath? (I can’t lie, I’ve actually made a couple of these myself.)



Why not just turn all those corks into one big cork, and then turn it into a truck?

Cork Truck


This San Francisco Urban Outfitters store (and others around the country) mounted an inventive display which explains the story of cork, in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd. Kendall Jackson Winery made a donation of 1.75million corks to be used in many of the store’s displays.



Why not just give all those corks back to the earth.

Cork time


Cork place card holders?



I think this one is actually my favorite! Cork bathmat.


  • June 20, 2011

    The Sediment blog

    But what about a really contemporary follow-up – creative uses for screw-caps?

  • June 21, 2011

    Kris Chislett

    Can’t say that screw-caps would make the most comfortable sofa! I give it another 10 years before we see a “creative uses for screwcaps” post.

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