Dante Robino Torrontes, Mendoza, Argentina.

Dante Robino Torrontes



100% Torrontes [Tohr-ron-tez]



Torrontes is to Argentina, what Pinot Grigio is to Italy. Not quite as famous yet, but certainly has already become the signature white grape of the country. Torrontes is the most planted white grape in Argentina, leaving Chardonnay trailing waaaay behind.


The current vintage of Dante Robino Torrontes is 2010, meaning that this wine (and Torrontes in general) is meant to be drank in its youth, and will usually not benefit from time in the cellar. Therefore; if you see vintages older than 2009 on sale in your local retailer, buy with caution!

Dante Robino was born in Canelli in the Piedmont region of North-West Italy in 1885, and after learning the art of turning grapes into wine, he emigrated to Argentina, starting his own winery in 1920.


This bottled bears the term Estate Bottled, meaning that the majority of grapes were grown, harvested and then turned into wine by the Dante Robino winery. This can often be viewed as a sign of higher quality, as the winery has 100% control of every step of the process.Other wineries chose to forego Estate bottling for economical reasons.


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Bodega Dante Robino is located at 2,800 feet above sea level at the foot of the Andes mountains on the banks of the Mendoza River.


Mendoza is easily the most famous of all the Argentine wine regions, and is home to over 1,200 wineries.


Last year, Dante Robino celebrated its 90th birthday, and opened its doors for the first time after the 100 year old winery building was given a full refurb, and kitted out with the latest-and-greatest equipment.


Grape vines were first introduced to Argentina by Spanish conquerors in the 1500’s. Back in the day, wine was sold in leather wineskin and oxen-drawn carts were used for its transportation. I wonder, once bottles became more readily available, if there were arguments on leather vs. bottle; similar to the screwcap vs. cork debate which rages on today? Hmmmmm…

Mendoza contains 70% of the vineyards in the Argentina, with more than 150,000 hectares (about 580 square miles) planted.

Dante Robino Torrontes in the Glass..



The Dante Robino is everything I look for in a well-made Torrontes. Fresh and aromatic on the nose; with the typical Torrontes peach and apricot notes. White grape skin flavors also dominate, adding a little tartness to the wine; with white flowers, kiwi, and a decent minerally component. This is quintessential warm weather wine!



Pair it with a warm day sat on your back patio! If you must have food; the alcohol on the Dante Robino is fairly restrained at 13%, making it well suited to spicy Asian or Thai foods.




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Dante Robino Torrontes Cork

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