Facebook Caption Competition to Win a Soiree Wine Aerator!

Wine Soiree Decanter


A nice and easy competition for you, although you may have to be a little creative, and potentially get your Facebook friends involved!

I have posted the below photo on the Facebook Pages for Blog Your Wine and Jacksonville Wine Guide, the funny caption with the most Facebook likes by 10pm tonight wins a Soiree Wine Decanter! Trust me this is a prize worth winning! I use a Soiree myself and swear by it, average retail is around $20.

There are no strict rules, just make sure you go to either one of those Facebook pages and post your funny caption. Don’t post your caption on this website! You CAN like your own caption, so that gives you a head-start. You can also round-up some of your friends and also have them “like” your caption. It doesn’t matter which Facebook Page you post your caption on, but make sure you are monitoring both Blog Your Wine and Jacksonville Wine Guide Pages to make sure that no-one is beating you!

Good luck, and the winner will be announced tonight after 10pm!


Caption Competition

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