“F*cking Nuts” Wine Offends Cantonese Wine Drinkers.

"Why yes Sir, why would you like this wine? It's 'f*cking nuts'"!

A wine named Chilensis, has created quite a stir in the East, after it was revealed that its name loosely translates to “f*cking nuts”.

In the same vein, it has been reported that Château Latour may not be performing as well as it should based compared to other Bordeaux first growths, as its name translates as “to fall down”.

Local demand has apparently soared for Chilensis, pushing prices up prices by HK$10 within a matter of days. The wine was originally selling for HK$49 in Hong Kong retailers, but has now risen to HK$59.

Other embarrassing translations come from the soft drink sector, where, for example, Pepsi mistakenly used the slogan “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave” when trying to translate “Pepsi Brings you Back to Life” into Chinese.


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My Thoughts

This story put a big smile on my face!
An easy mistake to make, I guess; but it certainly highlights the need for wineries to maybe do a little research into the translation of their brand names before they go into a new market. I actually think this turned out surprisingly well for Chilensis!

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