FLASQ Chardonnay and Golf – A Photo Journal


With the weather warming up, I can’t think of a better time for a spot of golf coupled with a crisp refreshing Chardonnay!

Flasq in the glass 2


Did I mention I’m talking about mini-golf…?Island Falls Adventure Golf



It’s not that often that the Mrs. and I get a day off together, so we like to use our time very wisely! That’s why we chose to leave the confines of Jacksonville, and head up to Amelia Island, to the Island Falls Adventure Golf Course.

Island Falls Mini Golf



Mark Twain once described golf as "…a good walk spoiled." Clearly Mark didn’t have Chardonnay to keep him company on the golf course!
I didn’t think ahead and pre-chill the wine, but I came up with the ingenious idea of putting some ice in a plastic bag, and then throwing in the bottle of FLASQ. It was perfectly chilled by the time we arrived at our destination!

Chilling down a bottle of FLASQ Chardonnay in a hurry!



Flasq in the pocket

I like a woman that comes prepared!


Just tap it in! Give it a little tappy!IMG_6383



Thirsty work, and we’re only on the 2nd hole! Time for a Chardonnay break!Flasq break!


The Mrs. with the Flasq Chardonnay (2)

I have to admit that I was kind of skeptical about wine in an aluminum container, however the taste of the wine speaks for itself.
The FLASQ Chardonnay shows ripe pear, apple, and a hint of butterscotch on the nose. The taste shows all the above, with notes of pineapple, a little oak (but not overly done), and crème brulee. Medium in body, smooth and balanced in acidity.
A great easy drinking Chardonnay, especially for the retail price of $5.99-$7.99.



We interrupt this game of golf / wine tasting for a quick J. Crew commercial…J Crew Ad



When playing golf, it’s all about the correct stance! Feet should ideally be about 4-5ft apart….It's all about having the right stance!


BIRDIE! Now comes the obligatory “ride the golf club like a horse”, in true Happy Gilmore style! Hole in one! Time to ride the golf club like a horse!


Clearly by this stage the Chardonnay was starting to take a firm hold of Mrs. Chislett!Llama face!


















I have no idea where the pink flower in my hair came from…!IMG_6441




All-in-all a perfect day!Flasq on the green

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