French Wine Merchants Boycott Californian Wine in Protest Over Foie Gras Ban.


Ze wine merchants in southwest France are a little pissed-off with the recent foie gras ban in California, so much so, they have decided to take all Californian wines off their shelves.

Foie gras has been outlawed across California as a law banning force-feeding of animals came into force on 1 July.

In southern France, the center of production for foie gras, winemakers are doing their part to show solidarity to the region’s many producers.

As only miniscule amounts of Californian wine are sold in this part of France, it is largely a symbolic move, seen as a way of protecting a delicacy that is a key part of French culture.

Californian wine producers would be unlikely to feel much economic impact from the ban. In 2010,United States wine exports totaled 370 million liters and were worth $915 million. Less than 1 percent of the shipments – three million liters, worth $8 million – went to France, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.
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My Thoughts…

I can’t even tell you how many people I spoke to who boycotted French wine (and still probably do) after the French government basically refused to take any part in the “war on terror.”
Of course, all of this makes TOTAL sense to me! Winemakers should absolutely take responsibility (and be appropriately reprimanded by consumers) for the actions taken by their Government. I hated Crocodile Dundee 3! Hated it! It was dreadful! I haven’t bought a bottle of Aussie wine since I saw that god-awful movie!

P.S. My thoughts on foie gras are as follows: It’s delicious. It’s inhumane, but it’s delicious.

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