Frisbee Golf and Wine – As It Turns Out, a Great Combination!

I’d never even heard of Frisbee Golf until a couple of years ago. As it turns out it’s a perfect Sunday activity!
The basic premise is kind of the same as regular golf, except you are using Frisbees, and the holes are metal cage-type nets. 18 holes, lowest score wins. Oh, and it helps if you bring some wine!
Fore Palms Frisbee Golf Course




The aforementioned net (hole). Hopefully you get the idea of the game by this point.

Frisbee Gold at Ed Austin Park, Jacksonvillle



I probably should have mentioned, but before we left to play Frisbee Golf, we had thrown a rather large piece of Pork on the grill for lunch, set the flame on low and left. We therefore didn’t have a huge amount of time to get back before the Pork was dried to a crisp!





Ok, so back to the Frisbee Golf…the first hole, and Jacqueline manages to make her Frisbee go at least 18ft…goes to retrieve it….then tries again…

Jacqueline Mariani making her frisbee go at least 18ft!





Luckily she managed to redeem herself with this photo!




A little alcohol always seems to make most sports more interesting. The great thing about the FLASQ is that it’s perfect for outings like this.

FLASQ Merlot and Chardonnay



I put the camera down for 10 seconds, long enough for a wine break.

Kris Chislett



Julie looks on, seconds before almost being decapitated by a flying disc-shaped piece of plastic, thrown by Lou Irwin.





At least he is good for something!

Lou is so helpful!



Now that’s a weird stance if ever I’ve seen one! Mind you, it’s hard to throw a Frisbee without also letting go of your wine.

Me throwing



Julie demonstrating the PERFECT technique!

Perfect form by Julie Bohn!




Jacqueline demonstrating an UNUSUAL technique.

She's over the line! It shouldn't count!



…and again…

Weird technique by Jacqueline





Mr. Adam Bartoy, the pro of the bunch.

Adam Bartoy


Perfect technique by Adam!Adam Bartoy sipping on a FLASQ wine



18 holes completed, 2 Frisbees lost and another perfect Sunday. By this point we had completely forgotten about the Pork on the grill!

Group shot - Jacqueline Bartoy, Adam Bartoy, Julie Bohn and a bottle of FLASQ Wine


  • January 27, 2012


    Wow.  I seriously just spent the last month designing a site about wine and frisbee golf.  After placing my page on Google and doing a search, I was shocked to see there was another page that put the two together.  Pretty awesome my friend.  My page still needs a lot of work, but if you want to check it out… 

  • January 27, 2012

    Kris Chislett

    Very cool, mate! I don’t know why no-one has thought of that before!

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