Gary Vaynerchuk’s Daily Grape Feature – Parxet Titiana Brut Rose Pinot Noir Cava



2008 Parxet Titiana Brut Rose Pinot Noir Cava


100% Pinot Noir


90 Points


$15 MSRP

Gary’s explanation why:

With the summer weather you’re going to want to drink something fresh and lively. Cavas are produced in the same method as Champagne at a fraction of the price. Many can be hit or miss, but this one both has a friendly price tag and impressive structure for its price point. Lounging by the pool or cooling off after mowing the lawn…this wine is a no brainer.

Gary’s tasting notes:

Tight nose, not showing much and not nearly as aromatic as the other sparkling roses. But a subtle elegance and complexity, just a preview of strawberry fruit. Very complex fruit, quite earthy with beets along with rose petal and ripe black raspberry flavors dominate this complex bottle of bubs. I like the finish and mouthfeel, and in general I’m impressed. Not knowing what it costs when I taste it, if this wine is $20 or under, I might text my friends to pick up a bottle. (Trouty just told me this is only $15. Winner winner, chicken dinner. I think everyone needs to add this to their wishlist).

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