Last Night’s Nerdy Impulse Purchase!

I couldn’t resist! Fernando Beteta  (Master Sommelier) made a post on Twitter late last night which spoke to me, channeling my inner-wine nerd!

Haven’t YOU always wanted a guide to the wine regions of France, all laid out before you in all its 18×24 glory, formatted in a similar style to the London or Paris subway maps!?!?
Ok, granted it has never crossed my mind either until I saw San Francisco architect and professor David Gissen’s creation! Genius! At least if you’re into that sort of thing (which I obviously am)!
So anyway, I made the $24.95 purchase last night, all based off a single Tweet on Twitter from Fernando. The next 3-6 business days will be spend eagerly awaiting the mailman, and planning where to position the map on the already limited wall-space that I have available in my office.
And who said there’s no ROI in Social Media!?!?!

The Metro Wine Map Guide to France is available from DeLong Wine.


David Gissen French Metro Map Guide to Wine

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