Life Sentence for Chinese Smuggler of Bordeaux Wines

This is my "I've just been caught smuggling and now I'm going to jail" face. The guy behind him looks pissed. has reported that a wine smuggler named Sun Xitai, has been jailed for life for illegally bringing over 70,000 bottles worth 45 million yuan (US$ 7.128 million) to China’s mainland.

This has been China’s biggest wine smuggling case. Despite being previously convicted in 2002 when he was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 1 year’s reprieve in the city of Tianjin, Sun Xitai continued his smuggling

Sun, was said to have imported red wine from France, Britain and Hong Kong amongst others on more than 80 occasions. To minimize customs payment, Sun is alleged to have declared acquisition prices much lower than the actual prices he paid and lied about the names of the wine. Sun is alleged to have given high-end red wines unfamiliar Chinese names to pass them off as cheap brands. By doing this, he declared much lower prices for premier wines such as Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Latour and Chateau Margaux.

Customs officials said they confiscated 27 fake company seals and invoices and found real invoices indicating the true price of imported red wines in Sun’s office. Sun is alleged to have asked suppliers to put a few cheap wines on top and hide more expensive ones below in the container in order to trick customs officials into thinking the whole consignment was one of cheap wine.

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My Thoughts

Clearly, the Government doesn’t mess about in China! Life!?! Wow!!! People commit murder and don’t end up receiving a life sentence. With that being said, maybe he should have got the hint the first time he pulled the stunt. I can’t blame the guy for his ability to hustle, though! I want to know which will be the first website to make a “FREE SUN XITAI!!!!” t-shirt…

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