Social Media for Wineries | Blog Your Wine

What is uses the Internet and Social Media to talk and engage consumers about your wine.Think of it like a feature in a magazine, only;
– Far less expensive.
– More engaging.
– Remaining visible for much longer.
– More widely distributed, and with a greater reach.
– Reading more like an editorial, rather than a paid feature.

Ok, so how can it help me?

Your wines will be featured on the site(s), with me essentially serving as your winery/brand advocate. I’ll create content (spread over a month-long period), in the form of:
Advocate your wine/winery through social media.


Create user-friendly and engaging content based solely around your wines.


Share the created content through social media outlets.


Reinforce your visibility online, as well as follow-up engagement.


Provide support integrating social media into your current marketing strategy.


Connect one-on-one directly with consumers in conversations about your wine.


Content takes multiple forms:

Original wine insights in video form. Short, to the point, fun, packed full of information, and with high search visibility.


Wine insights in text form which give a detailed background on the wines you produce, rather than strictly focusing on taste.


Original editorial-quality photos of your wines taken and hosted online in various forums, again with high search visibility.


Meals created specifically to pair with your wines, with the results being documented and published.


Submission of created content to online wine networks / communities.


Engaging the public through online conversation on various social media outlets.


What’s the purpose behind this?

The overall aim of the program is to provide an uptake in conversations, brand engagement, and connections; pushing new customers through your “brand acceptance funnel” as quickly as possible.


But I already do my own Social Media…

This program is not by any means meant to provide a solution to all your Social Media needs; but is an excellent utility to be used in conjunction with starting/reinforcing your own Social Media strategy. Truth-be-told, this program actually works a lot better if you already have, or plan on having, Social Media built into your marketing strategy.

Can you prove a return on investment, and how many cases of my wine are you going to sell?

There should be no doubt in your mind that Social Media impacts decision-making that can impact sales.
If you talk to people at major companies, they’re all in on Social Media. Why? Because they know that it can help them not only brand their product, but also move their product. However, for the most part the relationship between Social Media and sales is often indirect, difficult to measure, and is more of a mid-to-long-term strategy.
With all of that being said, the content produced as a part of this program is specifically created so as to guide the reader through the “brand acceptance funnel” as quickly as possible, and provide a clear path toward the purchase of your wine.

What’s the cost and what do you guarantee?

Firstly, I promise it’s more affordable than any other service available, and can be tailored to meet your needs / brand identity. As far as guarantees go; this content is highly visible, and if someone is looking online for your wines, this material will be some of the first to appear in search results.

Do you have testimonials /analytics to back-up your work.

Of course! Just shoot an email over to, and I’ll be more than happy to send them over to you.

Application Process

1. Send an email to me at or call 904-472-1727 to let me know you are interested in having me talk about your wines online.
2. Whilst this website gives a brief overview of this program, a more detailed conversation (10-20 mins at most) is needed for a more thorough understanding of the full program.
3. Send samples of your wine to taste and approve.
4. Once approval has been given and I have collected all the information I need, I will use social media to talk about your wine online.