Study Shows Lighting Influences Wine Tastes.

Drink your wine in the's the only way to be safe!If you’re planning on having guests over this weekend, and you’re worried about your choice of wine, you may want to consider changing your light-bulbs!

According to a study published in the Journal of Sensory Studies, wine drinkers found that wines were more enjoyable when they were tasted in red or blue lighting, as opposed to white.

The German experiment, led by Dr. Daniel Oberfeld-Twistel gave a group of drinkers an identical bottle of Riesling in different lighting situations. He conducted the experiment at both a wine bar and in the laboratory with similar results. Drinkers rated the wine one and a half times sweeter and also fruitier in red light than in green light. Furthermore and even more interesting, wine drinkers in red or blue light were willing to pay more for money for the same bottle!

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My Thoughts…

The conclusion? If tonight, when you walk in to your favorite wine bar or restaurant, and notice that they’re changing their light-bulbs to blue, expect the worst…

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