Bonny Doon

Bonny Doon Labeling Efforts go Unnoticed by Consumers and Wineries.

It been five years since Randall Grahm took the some would say “suicidal” step of listing every single ingredient that goes into his wine on his back labels. The lists include ingredients such as: oak chips, bentonite clay, indigenous yeasts and sulfur dioxide, to name but a few. The backlash from consumers and winemakers alike could have been severe for Grahm, since the mere mention of sulfites on a wine label has been known to…

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This Week In Wine–1/8/12

Charlie Trotter’s Closing in Chicago Charlie Trotter plans to close his famous Chicago restaurant in August, 25 years after it opened in a Lincoln Park townhouse and quickly became a national destination. Trotter, 52, has said that he would close the 120-seat restaurant that bears his name to travel and go to school, after being accepted to graduate programs at schools in Chicago and California to study philosophy and political theory Charlie Trotter’s has a…

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Wine Review of Cardinal Zin 2008

Grape 100% Zinfandel   Facts You might have seen the Cardinal Zin before with a different label. Cardinal Zin used to be a Bonny Doon project, but was acquired by Underdog Wine Merchants back in 2006.   In their own words; “Underdog Wine Merchants is the champion of the more interesting, albeit sometimes misunderstood or under-appreciated wines and wine styles. In a word…the “underdogs” of the wine world.” Underdog isn’t just a wine importer, they…

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