A Guide to Wine Faults – Brettanomyces

Brettanomyces [Breht-tan-uh-my-sees] Brettanomyces (or “Brett” if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about) is a yeast that is found on grape skins, in barrels and in the winery itself. Brett can be found mainly in red wines, as the color is extracted from the skins of grapes during red wine fermentation, although Brett can and does occur in white wines, and can sometimes be attributed to sloppy (unhygienic) winemaking. Brett is…

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This Week In Wine–12/4/12

    Fighting the Funk in Funky Wine Scientists in Australia have sequenced the Brettanomyces genome – a breakthrough that will ‘future-proof’ the industry against spoilage by the yeast organism known as brett. Brett is widely know to spoil wine with medicinal or metallic flavors, often described as “funk”. ‘Sequencing the brett genome, which reveals its genetic blueprint, means the Australian wine industry can future-proof its strategy against brett and the risk of spoilage,’ Australian…

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