Conundrum Red Blend 2009 from California

Grape(s) No clue. I reached out for the winery, and their lips are staying sealed. I don’t think any of the grapes in the blend will be a huge surprise.   Facts Imagine my surprise walking down the aisle of the local-dirty-great-big-wine-store, when out of the corner of my eye I saw this on the shelf! I’d always heard that the Wagners (the winemaking family behind Conundrum, Caymus, Belle Glos and Mer Soleil) made a…

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Caymus Cabernet 2009 for #CabernetDay

  Grape(s) 81% Cabernet, 19% Merlot.   Facts I was thinking to myself the other day; “I wonder if readers of my website think that I’ve decided to take a stance toward only featuring affordable wines?” Not that this is too far from the truth, but the real reason that I feature a great deal of wines under the $20 retail mark, is that I purchase the wines for review myself. Affordability is therefore key!…

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The Mer Soleil Duo Paired with Coronation Chicken Salad with Mangoes and Almonds

Since today is/was #ChardonnayDay on Twitter, my day has been very much planned accordingly around the worlds most popular white grape. You’re forgiven if you aren’t yet clued in as to what #ChardonnayDay is actually all about; it’s new to me too! The event essentially revolves around Twitter, with wine drinkers throughout the Twitterverse (yes it’s a word) all gathering either online or at various organized meetups to drink and “tweet” tasting notes and opinions…

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