Counterfeit wine

Big Wine Trouble in Little China: Counterfeiting Ring Busted.

The news coming out of China is that the Shanghai police have arrested a wine counterfeiting gang, seizing thousands of bottles of “fake Bordeaux” in the process. The ringleader had been running the scam since 2010, using Chinese wine whilst the labeling process was being completed. Allegedly, the bottles were not direct copies but so-called “funny” bottles which use the names of famous first growth estates; however, the bottles still infringe on trademark laws. The…

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Renowned Wine Dealer Could Do Hard Time for Alleged Wine Counterfeits.

Rudy Kurniawan was known as much for his palate as for his keen eye, fixed often on the highest of high-end wine bottles. His presence at wine auctions was constant, at events in Beverly Hills, and offerings at Sotheby’s in New York. His interest by itself was enough to drive prices at the top of the market. But on Thursday, in the culmination of persistent rumblings about the veracity of his products, Mr. Kurniawan, 35,…

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