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This Week In Wine–10/16/11

  San Francisco Restaurants Demand Standard 25% Tip. It’s a question regularly asked by baffled diners all over the world: ‘How much should I tip’? Many countries have wide variations for a standard tip, often leaving even the most experienced of travellers confused. However, restaurant workers in San Francisco, California, may be about to help by implementing a standard tip onto the bill. The only problem is that – whether your service is good or…

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Virginia Viognier: A Tasting. Part One Of Two

This last Thursday (7/14/11),  I was given the the unique opportunity to participate in a wine tasting unlike anything else I’ve ever been involved with before. The tasting itself actually ties in quite nicely with my coming trip to this years Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville (details to follow). All the wines were indeed from the great state of Virginia. Now I don’t know about you, but for me Virginia, when I think about it…

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