What’s the rule for how long a wine should be left to breathe in a decanter?

Tough one, and not with a very straight-forward answer! But this is wine, right? And if there’s one thing to be learnt from the world of vino, it’s that nothing is straight-forward! Ever! When it comes down to it, it’s really a matter of preference for how long a wine should be left in a decanter before you serve it: – If a wine is young and bold, an hour or two should suffice. Any…

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Court of Master Sommeliers Introduces “Hyper-Decanting” to Course Syllabus.

WARNING: THIS ARTICLE WAS PRODUCED AS PART OF APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE. ALL CHARACTERS ARE FICTIONAL. I DO NOT REPRESENT THE COURT OF MASTER SOMMELIERS AND NEVER HAVE. It’s about time hyper-decanting was given the recognition the recognition it deserves!For those of you that aren’t in the loop, hyper-decanting is quite simply the process of pouring a whole bottle of wine (red or white) into a food processor, turning it to the appropriate setting for…

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Short Answers to the 5 Most Commonly Asked Wine Questions

Should this wine be decanted? Yes, it probably should. I’m a big advocate for decanting / aerating, I try and do it as much as possible in my home; but then again I use a Soiree (saves washing-out a full decanter). Generally speaking, full-bodied and aged-reds are the only wines which are nominated for promotion to the decanter; this in order to either remove it from its sediment, or to increase its surface area, therefore…

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