Dessert Wine

Raspberry-Glazed Peaches with Mascarpone Paired with Santa Julia Late Harvest Torrontes

Ladies and gentlemen! What you are witnessing is my first ever dessert and wine pairing! Remember this post for as long as you can, because I never make desserts in my own home…which is such a shame, because I love them!   Dessert wines are so often forgotten about, and I think they could possibly be one of the most misunderstood types of wine. It never fails to amaze me that when I pour a…

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Lunch with Victoria Ordonez.

  On Tues April 5th 2011, I got the chance to meet with Victoria Ordonez, sister to Spanish wine importer Jorge Ordonez. After an always amazing lunch at Taverna, I got a few minutes to ask her a little more about the Jorge Ordonez import company, and her role within it.     So how long has the Jorge Ordonez import company been around? About 23 years now.   And how long have you been…

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