Frisbee Golf and Wine – As It Turns Out, a Great Combination!

I’d never even heard of Frisbee Golf until a couple of years ago. As it turns out it’s a perfect Sunday activity! The basic premise is kind of the same as regular golf, except you are using Frisbees, and the holes are metal cage-type nets. 18 holes, lowest score wins. Oh, and it helps if you bring some wine!      

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The Rugged Maniac!

Not that this post has much relevance to wine and furthering your knowledge of it, but I thought you might possibly appreciate these photos. The Rugged Maniac mud race took place this past weekend, and for some reason I was convinced to participate, along with my wife and a bunch of my very close friends.  I ran before her at 9am, so fortunately there aren’t as many pictures of me, since I was the one…

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Publix, “The Big 3” and Free Goods in Florida.

  If you are not in the wine industry, you may want to switch off because this article (more of a ramble really) will probably bore you to death. You have been warned. If you’re in Florida and working in the beverage industry, you’ll know that there has been a little shake-up with regards to grocery store chain Publix and “The Big Three”; namely wine distributors SWS, Premier and RNDC. From what I can assert,…

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