Interview with Tom Eddy from Tom Eddy Winery.

How long have you been making wine? Well, this is my 40th year, coming up, of winemaking. I started with big wineries and my ultimate goal was to have my own place.   So I’m guessing, with 40 years, you’ve always been involved in winemaking… Yeah, I discovered wine when I was still in High School….   …as did most of us! <laughs> Yeah! True. So I fell in love with wine from an early…

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A Quick Chat with Ted Henry, Winemaker for Jarvis.

How long have you been with Jarvis? Three years at Jarvis, previously before that I was at Artesa in Carneros working on their Chardonnay and Pinot but also working on an Alexander Valley property they purchased called Ridgeline. So about three years ago the opening at Jarvis came up. To me Jarvis is the ideal winemakers paradise. It’s an estate model so it’s all about the vineyard, but they have some of the best equipment…

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Catching up with Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher.

Open That Bottle Night is always the last in Saturday in February, making it Saturday February 26th this year. You therefore better get thinking what you plan on opening! Every year since 2000, on a special Saturday night in February, friends, couples and groups around the world get together to enjoy “special” bottles of wine, champagne and spirits. The bottle that you enjoy, traditionally, is one that you have been saving for some special event…

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