Fess Parker Viognier, Santa Barbara, California.

Grapes 80% Viognier (VEE-ohn-yay), 13% Marsanne, 5% Grenache Blanc, 2% Roussanne   Facts After just getting back from my time spent in Texas, and tasting a few Viogniers that the wineries had to offer, I was reminded how much I love this grape! I’ve always found that Viognier has a tendency to be forgotten about by the vast amount of the wine drinking public (me included), but truth-be-told it’s probably my favorite white grape…when it’s…

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D’Arenberg The Hermit Crab, Viognier / Marsanne, Adelaide – Australia 2009

Grapes 72% Viognier 28% Marsanne   Facts You’re excused if you haven’t seen this kind of blend before, Viognier and Marsanne are more commonly found blended together in the Southern Rhone region of France. D’Arenberg is certainly one of the most recognized wineries in Southern Australia. The company was established back in 1912 by Joseph Osborn after he purchased land in what has now become the McLaren Vale. Interesting thing to note is that Joseph…

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