mulled wine recipe

Probably the World’s Greatest Recipe for Mulled Wine.

I wasn’t going to post this recipe for mulled wine, but then I received the following email from my mom a few days ago: Is mulled wine best used as a room freshener? It makes the room smell gorgeous but when you taste it it tastes like medicine!!!!!! Mom Clearly even my own mom needs a little help making mulled wine, so here we go! The definitive recipe and method on how to make mulled…

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It’s that Time of Year Again! Mulled Wine!!!

  The holiday season and colder weather always reminds me of Mulled Wine. Its history can be traced back to Medieval Europe where when wine went bad, it was often sweetened with honey or sugar, and flavored with spices to make it consumable again. With Europe being so cold in the winter, it also served the purpose of getting you drunk whilst keeping you warm! In Sweden it’s known by Gløg, in Finland it’s Glögi…

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