Pinterest for Small Business

I Made the Front Page of Pinterest!!! Now I Can Retire!!!

An interesting thing happened yesterday! The Mrs. was scrolling through the popular page on Pinterest (as she does on a weekly basis), and she saw an image she recognized. Randomly enough, it was my wine bottle Christmas lights! This particular photo was from a post I did back in December of 2010, way before I even started using Pinterest, and therefore wasn’t one of the items I had pinned. In fact, if you perform a…

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Pinterest for Business: 5 Tips.

I know what you’re thinking! No sooner do you wrap your head around Facebook, Twitter, Google+, FourSquare, LinkedIn etc ……and another bloody social media network comes along to suck all the life out of you! Thankfully, Pinterest is quite possibly the easiest to understand! The best way to think of Pinterest is as a “social scrapbooking” network, with the added bonus that you don’t have to spend all your weekends at Joann Fabrics! I joined…

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