Salisbury Vineyards

This Week In Wine – 10/30/11

    To Save Soggy Grapes, Winemaker Looks To Helicopter It’s been raining for days and the crop you’re a week away from harvesting is about to mold. If you don’t dry it quickly, you will lose the crop. What do you do? If you’re Bruce Cakebread, you call in a helicopter to be a giant grape dryer. When rain soaked Napa Valley two weeks ago, Cakebread — the president of Cakebread Cellars in Rutherford,…

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This Week in Wine – 9/18/11

    Waitrose Take the Gutsy Move to Stock Indian Wine… Indian wine is breaking into the UK market, with Waitrose becoming the first UK supermarket to stock wines from the sub-continent. Waitrose is featuring Ritu Viognier and Zampa Syrah as part of the Waitrose World of Wine Showcase. Waitrose describes Ritu Viognier as a ‘crisp, aromatic white wine with floral and peach aromas.’ Both wines are produced in the dry, tropical climate of the…

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