Sauternes – Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo’ Dat!

Even though Bordeaux remains the Old World wine of choice for many with new money to burn, their tastes are no-doubt changing. When people think of Bordeaux, sweet wine is more than likely the LAST thing on their mind! Sauternes and Barsac, in the Bordeaux region of France, make a very different kind of wine than people have come to know Bordeaux for; namely, sweet and white. But growers in the region have slowly started…

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No Chateau d’Yquem For You!

Chateau d’Yquem the world’s most famous and expensive dessert wine will not be made this year, due to heavy rains preventing the grapes from reaching their necessary sugar levels. The unfortunate weather is expected to cost the winery “tens of millions of euros” in lost sales. This isn’t the first time Chateau D’Yquem has had to skip a vintage. Similar decisions were also made in ‘’52, ‘72 and ‘92. “It is as if there was…

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