Screw Cap Wine

One Australian Winery Ditches Screw-caps and Returns to Corks.

  Rusden Wines, (a winery located in the Barossa Valley region of Australia) has announced it’s giving-up on the screw-cap, and will return to bottling all of its wines under a cork. Rusden winemaker Christian Canute cited “persistent quality control issues” for the reason behind the move.“Our wines are handmade and bottled without fining or filtration. Under a screw-cap I have noticed the wines ‘sweat’, producing overly dominant reductive characters, a problem we have never…

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Hallelujah! Another New Study on the Effectiveness of Wine Sealed with a Screw Cap.

  A thrilling new study is taking place at the University of California at Davis! They have decided to help to close the debate on whether screw cap closures are as effective as corks when it comes to aging wine. The university is working with the PlumpJack Group, a wine and hospitality company, cofounded by billionaire philanthropist Gordon Getty and California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, to assess the quality and aging potential of different closures….

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Wine in Plastic vs. Glass – Another New Wine Debate!

Ahhhh, yes! Just what we need! Another long and tedious argument relating to wine packaging! I came to terms a long time ago with the fact that if I had to read another article on “cork vs. screwcaps”, I would probably just stab myself in the eye with a corkscrew.  I’ve therefore been ever-so-feverishly searching for the next big argument! Since the next debate that I predict will be wine in glass vs. plastic bottles,…

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