One Australian Winery Ditches Screw-caps and Returns to Corks.

  Rusden Wines, (a winery located in the Barossa Valley region of Australia) has announced it’s giving-up on the screw-cap, and will return to bottling all of its wines under a cork. Rusden winemaker Christian Canute cited “persistent quality control issues” for the reason behind the move.“Our wines are handmade and bottled without fining or filtration. Under a screw-cap I have noticed the wines ‘sweat’, producing overly dominant reductive characters, a problem we have never…

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Leasingham Cork Closures Experiment

  Ok, so what are we looking at? Well, what this photo is showing is 14 bottles of identical samples of Leasingham Estate 1999 Clare Valley Semillon, all cellared together for 10 years. They range all the way from watery pale to a dark brown. The bottle on the left, perfect in color (and reportedly in taste), was closed with a Stelvin (screwcap) closure!  The others have a variety of natural and processed cork or…

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