South Australia

Peter Lehman “Layers” White Wine Blend, Adelaide, South Australia.

Grapes 36% Semillon, 20% Muscat, 20% Gewürztraminer, 20% Pinot Gris and 4% Chardonnay.   Facts I’ve been a big fan of the Peter Lehmann brand for a few years now. Their “Art Series” represents some of most value-driven, well-distributed and thoroughly “glug-worthy” wines coming out of Oz…. The same kind of “kitchen-sinky” blend as Conundrum, and I’m taking a wild-stab-in-the-dark guess that “Layers” refers to the layers of flavor achieved through the blending of these…

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Jacob’s Creek Winery Adds Kangaroo Cruelty to its Repertoire.

Wildlife volunteers have stated that 23 kangaroos used by award-winning Jacob’s Creek winery to bring in tourists, were found in what they believed to be a malnourished state. Some were so apparently neglected that they were in “shocking” pain from untreated injuries. Jacob’s Creek, owned by French company Orlando Wines, is one of Australia’s best-known international brands, and just recently won the Australian Tourism Award for best tourism winery. Volunteer group Fauna Rescue said that…

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Yalumba “Y Series” Viognier, South Australia.

Grape 100% Viognier [Vee-ohn-yay]   Facts I’ve never felt that Viognier gets the attention it deserves, both in retail stores or restaurants. What first needs to be understood is that it shouldn’t be compared to any other grape, and so if you’ve grown weary of the “usual suspect” white wines, you might want to pay attention to this review! In 1980 Yalumba planted 1.2 hectares of Viognier in the Barossa Valley, this was Australia’s first…

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