The Obligatory “Which Wines to Pair with Thanksgiving” Post.

Ahh, yes! ‘tis that time of year again! The time when pretty-much every wine writer says “xxxx!!! Do I have to write that ‘Thanksgiving Wine’ post again!?!? xxxx it!!!” Thanksgiving, still to this day, remains the day when the most wine is consumed in the United States! To this end, you have a bunch of people walking up and down the wine aisles of the grocery store in a zombie-like state, with not a clue…

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Recipe for Thanksgiving in a Glass.

I absolutely had to share this recipe with you for “Thanksgiving in a Glass.” I enjoyed this creation this past weekend whilst over my good friend Adam Bartoy’s house. After you see the ingredients list and get to taste it for yourself, you’ll see why he named it Thanksgiving in a Glass! I’m 100% certain you’ll love this holiday cocktail! [print_this] Recipe for Thanksgiving in a Glass Serves: As many people as you want…depending also…

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The Thanksgiving Wine Survival Guide

Selecting Wine Since there’s no possible way you can select one bottle of wine to satisfy everyone’s taste-buds,so I recommend we split it up! The one theme I do suggest you stick to is, whichever wine you choose, make sure it’s from the U.S. (Beaujolais being the exception). It’s an American holiday after all! White Wine Californian white blends are usually a big hit, especially ones with a hint of sweetness to satisfy the Riesling…

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