A Guide to Wine Faults – Cloudiness / Haziness

Cloudiness / Haziness All wine starts off cloudy, that’s a fact. During winemaking and after the grapes are pressed, the juice is fermented, and the wine is run off the skins, stems, pips et al., therefore there’s plenty of smaller particles left behind. Wine is generally allowed a period of rest, to allow this sediment to settle, however this only does so much. Winemakers must filter and fine a wine (to different degrees depending on…

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Lemongrass-Grilled Chicken with Field Recordings Unfiltered Chenin Blanc

I first tasted the Field Recordings Chenin Blanc back toward the earlier part of the year. It’s imported into Florida by a good friend of mine that decided to start a wine distributor business: Vingevity. The Field Recordings is a single-vineyard, unfiltered, unfined, 285 case production, “old vine” Chenin Blanc from Santa Ynez, and sells for around $18 retail. If you’re a true wine geek, by this point you should be____________. I’ll let you fill…

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