Everything You Wanted to Know About Oak (and Probably Some Stuff You Didn’t).

Oak plays a bigger role in winemaking than I think most people realize! The color, flavor, tannin and texture of a wine can all be influenced via oak contact; either during the fermentation or aging of wine. When it comes to white wines, oak is often viewed as  “fruit killer”, and should never be allowed anywhere near the juice. However for the longest time, those with this opinion could been viewed as a small minority. …

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The Mer Soleil Duo Paired with Coronation Chicken Salad with Mangoes and Almonds

Since today is/was #ChardonnayDay on Twitter, my day has been very much planned accordingly around the worlds most popular white grape. You’re forgiven if you aren’t yet clued in as to what #ChardonnayDay is actually all about; it’s new to me too! The event essentially revolves around Twitter, with wine drinkers throughout the Twitterverse (yes it’s a word) all gathering either online or at various organized meetups to drink and “tweet” tasting notes and opinions…

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