What Exactly is a “Good Year” for Wine?

I was recently faced with a minor problem. A guest had ordered a bottle of ‘07 Napa Cabernet ($70) from my wine list (that’s right, in case you didn’t know, I run a restaurant/wine bar). The problem arose when the guest realized the bottle (after it had been poured) was in fact not from the ‘07 vintage as the wine list had stated, but actually ‘08. Did the Server explain the vintage discrepancy before the…

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Why I Don’t Put Much Faith in Vintages

This is a point (in a long line of other points) that I‘ve been meaning to address. Let me start out by saying that (in case you haven’t noticed), I really skew my voice (and therefore my content) on this website toward what I see as the majority of the wine buying public. The masses, if you will! This audience being; people who obviously enjoy wine, people who want to know more about wine, but…

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