Wine Bloggers Conference

The Value of a Wine Tasting Note.

As you more or may not know, for the last few days I’ve been at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville. An awesome experience overall; sampled lots of great wines (some crappy ones as well), met tons of great people (most of whom I’ve been talking to over the last couple of years on Twitter/Facebook), and enjoyed the company of a number of wine bloggers / marketers I happened upon for the first time.  …

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Virginia is for (Wine) Lovers!

  Probably about the same time that you are reading this, I will have started my short journey from Jacksonville up to Charlottesville, Virginia; the destination for this years Wine Bloggers Conference. This is the first time the conference has been held on the East Coast, and I’m psyched that I can finally manage to make it! I’ve attended countless wine tastings in my time “in the industry” but never anything on the scale of…

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