wine fridge

Why You Need a Wine Fridge.

I cant lie, I’ve never felt compelled to buy a wine fridge. I just didn’t think I needed one in my life. Turns-out I was wrong, and now I have a new best friend. So, when the nice folks at New Air decided to send me an 18 bottle wine fridge for review purposes…well…I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a look! At the very worst, if I wasn’t a big fan of the product,…

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Thinking about Buying a Wine Fridge? Read This First!

Over the last couple of months I’ve received a few emails/Facebook comments/carrier pigeons with notes attached to them, from people looking for advice on purchasing a wine fridge. I’m therefore going to defer to the superior knowledge of my good friend Curtis Dahl, co-owner of Joseph & Curtis. His company builds some of the best wine cellars known-to-mankind, and they also stock an impressive selection of wine coolers (as in refrigerators, not the drink…that would…

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