wine glass design

Those Magnificent Men and Their Wine Glass Machines!

Szymon Klimek has too much time on his hands. This Polish guy builds amazingly intricate machines inside of wine glasses that are fully-functional and serve absolutely zero purpose…apart from looking AWSEOME! Below is his latest, called Sponge. Made from 0.1 millimeter sheets of brass and bronze, Klimek’s miniature machines dance effortlessly in wine-glass enclosures that measure little more than 4 inches across. Klimek’s latest creation, Sponge, is a steam engine-like machine named for the latticework…

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Make Your Wine Sing With a Musical Wine Glass!

  A wine glass has been developed in Austria that plays musical notes when a finger is run along the rim. The crystal glass features gold lines corresponding to different musical notes covering a full 12-note octave from A flat to G. For a “lush, sonorous note”, the makers recommend running a finger along the rim.  The same note will reportedly ring-out with the gentle tap of a teaspoon against the side of the glass….

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