wine label design

Bonny Doon Labeling Efforts go Unnoticed by Consumers and Wineries.

It been five years since Randall Grahm took the some would say “suicidal” step of listing every single ingredient that goes into his wine on his back labels. The lists include ingredients such as: oak chips, bentonite clay, indigenous yeasts and sulfur dioxide, to name but a few. The backlash from consumers and winemakers alike could have been severe for Grahm, since the mere mention of sulfites on a wine label has been known to…

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French Winemakers Fear New “Chateau” Label Law Could Ruin Reputation.

French winemakers have their over the possibility the EU may allow US imported wines to be called “Chateau” or “Clos.” Currently in France, both these terms must only refer to an AOC wine coming only from grapes that are harvested and vinified on a single estate. In the US there is no regulation and any winery can call itself a Chateau even if it is buying in grapes from other growers in different regions. French…

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Wine Myths…Busted: Never Choose Wine Based on the Label.

This “wine myth” comes up every now and then, and is generally written in lifestyle magazines by writers who have absolutely no clue about the topic they are covering, instead relying on regurgitating the rhetoric they’ve no-doubt read in some other lifestyle magazine. Of course, the beautiful packaging and design of a wine label doesn’t really tell you anything about the juice in the bottle….or does it? People are becoming increasingly visual in their habits,…

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