Wine Packaging

Going Beyond the bottle – blind tasting the top Alternate Packaging wine brands

Who needs wine in stinking glass bottles anyway!?!? In this video, Kris Chislett (Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine) and his good buddy Joe Talentino (avid Boones Farm drinker) blind taste the top 4 alternate package wine brands of Chardonnay, and see what we think is the best. You might be surprised at which wine came out on top… All wines were tasted 100% blind under strictly controlled conditions. Video is not part of…

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Wine in Plastic vs. Glass – Another New Wine Debate!

Ahhhh, yes! Just what we need! Another long and tedious argument relating to wine packaging! I came to terms a long time ago with the fact that if I had to read another article on “cork vs. screwcaps”, I would probably just stab myself in the eye with a corkscrew.  I’ve therefore been ever-so-feverishly searching for the next big argument! Since the next debate that I predict will be wine in glass vs. plastic bottles,…

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